7 Myths About Skylights

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7 Myths About Skylights

Adding skylights to your roof is a fun and effective way to create well-lit and airy space in your home. It provides an unlimited source of natural light and also acts as an attractive design element in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. 

However, skylights have developed a poor reputation among homeowners over the years. Several myths have been doing the rounds, whether it’s leaking skylights or issues with temperature control. 

Here we debunk seven common myths about skylights:

They leak all the time

The most prevalent myth about skylights is that it is effectively a hole in your roof which will eventually leak. That may be true for older designs, but modern skylights hold up firmly against heavy rains and other outside elements. 

Every skylight is the same

Skylights come in a variety of materials. You can choose between glass, plastic, and synthetic fiber. A custom-designed skylight in your roof will lend a unique design touch to your home. 

They let in too much sunlight

A common is that skylights can damage the furniture due to excessive natural light and UV rays. That’s not true, however, as modern skylights come with a UV-resistant coating to keep you and your furniture out of harm’s way. You can also get glare-free skylights for added protection.

You can’t open them

Skylights that don’t open are a model-specific limitation and not necessarily true in all cases. A variety called venting skylights do open and provide ventilation. Some models can extend anywhere from a few inches to wide enough to use as roof access. 

They aren’t energy-efficient

Yes, skylights can warm the room they’re in, but that’s likely a design flaw. With proper positioning and blinds, a skylight will not seriously affect your room’s temperature. For example, south- and west-facing skylights bring direct sunlight into a room, which causes it to heat up more than usual. At the same time, north- or east-facing skylights don’t bring in any direct sunlight at all.

They require constant maintenance

You don’t have to climb up the roof yourself to clear debris off a skylight. The sealed-assembly variant is relatively maintenance-free. Regular skylights require only occasional maintenance between seasons. 

They are dangerous

Skylights may seem dangerous at first because they’re made of glass, which can seriously harm family occupants during an accident. People are also worried that it creates another entry point into your home for intruders and bugs. However, modern skylight designs use tempered glass and insect screens, which safeguard your home against unwelcome visitors. Most venting skylights only open a few inches to let in fresh air, which is not wide enough for an intruder to fit through. 

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