Simple Modern Roof Designs for Your Home

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Simple Modern Roof Designs for Your Home

The roofing style is integral to the curb appeal of any house. And with the changing trends, homeowners are increasingly looking for modern roofing styles that are at once elegant, functional, and affordable. There are multiple options to choose from when you’re looking for a new roof design. Doing proper research and vetting the pros against the cons is the best way to make the right choice. 

Below, we give you some roofing design styles you can choose from for your house!

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are the rightful gift of modern architecture to the world. Long horizontal planes with little or no inclination distinguish these roofs. Flat roofs are relatively easy to install and require little maintenance. You can also use the resulting roofing space to add to your existing living space or to make a vegetable garden.

Shed roofs

Shed roofs are another example of simple and functional modern roofing designs. They consist of a single slanting panel with a steep pitch that increases your interior volume without stopping the light. As with flat roofs, you can use large overhangs to control the solar heat gain in shed roofs. However, unlike flat roofs, you will need to install fascia boards and gutters for shed roofs. 

Gable roofs 

At first glance, gable roofs appear to be traditional roofs with four slanting sides. However, they are still quite popular and prevalent among modern roofing designs, thanks to their simplicity and functionality. They offer considerable attic space and are very efficient in protecting your home against natural elements.

You will also have the option to choose from multiple gable roof styles including open gable roofs, box gable roofs, and flying gable roofs. 

Butterfly roofs

Butterfly roofs have a distinctive design, resembling the wingspan of a butterfly. Think of them as an inversion of gable roofs. Their appeal lies in their unique design and the ability to let more natural light into your home. They are also very efficient in collecting rainwater. 

Curved roofs

Curved Roofs have a special place among modern roofing designs. These are popular amongst homeowners for their interesting looks. They require little maintenance and are also eco-friendly. However, one drawback is that these are not quite as durable as other roofing designs.

Dome-shaped roofs

Dome-shaped buildings have fascinated the architectural world for a long time, and they are yet to lose their charm. These roofs look aesthetically pleasing and provide enhanced structural strength. This is also why some of the most famous historical buildings in the US have dome-shaped roofs. 

Combination roofs

As the name suggests, combination roofs amalgamate multiple roofing designs to overcome a single design’s frailties. Your architect or roofing contractor can recommend the right combinations suitable for your home.

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