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Commercial Low-Slope Shingle Roofing

Low-slope roofing offers a variety of benefits to commercial buildings. Low-pitch roof shingles allow for rainwater to drain easily, lowering leak appearance. Additionally, this roofing system is highly easier to maintain and install than others.

However, due to their complexity, they require proper installation by an experienced professional. Our staff is highly trained with multiple systems to ensure your new roof is the best for your unique scenario. With proper installation techniques and materials, we also guarantee it will last as long as it should.

Low-Slope Shingles Reflectivity:

We offer various options for this type of roofing system, some including reflectivity features. Reflectivity will help keep your cooling costs lower than a dark-colored roof. Additionally, adding insulation below the roof structure can help increase the benefits. Call us today to learn more about cool roof options for your low-pitch roof shingles application.

Residential Low-Slope Roofing

As previously mentioned, low-slope shingles improve the heating and cooling of residential buildings and homes. This allows homeowners and residents to lower the costs of energy consumption. Moreover, its installation and maintenance processes are easier and less expensive than other roofing systems. 

If you want low-pitch roof shingles for your residential property, you must choose the right contractor for the job. At Christopher Home Improvement, we have the experience and knowledge to install any kind of roofing system. Additionally, we do so within your time and budget.

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