New London, Connecticut

Looking for roofing services in New London, Connecticut? Christopher Home Improvement is here for you. For years, we’ve been working to help New London residents and businesses with the installation, maintenance, and repair of roofs.

Below, we’ll explain the services that Christopher Home Improvement can offer both residents and businesses in the New London area. As well, we’ll explain why we’re New London’s roofing contractor of choice.

Residential Roofing

When working with a residential roofing contractor, you want to find someone you can trust. We understand how important it is to keep a roof over your head, which is why we work quickly and professionally on any of the roofing services you need.

We can install a roof on a new home or replace the one you currently have. As well, we’re happy to inspect your roof or provide the regular maintenance that can help you avoid more costly repairs or replacement.

If you have shingles, you may also be interested in reroofing. This is a great solution for getting new shingles without requiring us to completely replace the roof. Please note that reroofing can only be done once; after that, you’ll need to get a new roof.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing projects tend to be more complicated than residential ones, for several reasons. One is that the buildings tend to be bigger and can vary more in shape. The other is that commercial buildings can have very specific needs based on the industry in question.

Restaurants are a great example here. They require much more maintenance because of the grease that cooking causes, which can wear away at roofing materials over time. Our experience and expertise allows us to spot these problems ahead of time and provide your business with the roofing services it needs.

Expert Roofing Company in New London, Connecticut – Christopher Home Improvement

Wondering where you can go to get expert roofing services in New London? Look no further. At Christopher Home Improvement, we’re the roofing professionals who are here to ensure you and your home are protected from the elements.

Have any additional questions you’d like answered about our roofing services? Interested in getting a free estimate on your roofing project? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now by calling 866-334-4654 or filling out our contact form.

We understand that roofs can be expensive, but don’t worry. We offer 100% financing that’s designed to get you the roof you need now, which you can then pay off over a reasonable span of time.