All About ThermaTru Doors

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All About ThermaTru Doors

Doors are an essential element of your home as they enhance the aesthetics of your home and provide protection against elements. Traditionally, the doors were made of wood. But wooden doors need more care and are not very durable against weather elements, so homeowners are looking for better alternatives. ThermaTru Doors is one such company that has changed the way doors are manufactured. They have replaced the wooden doors with their pioneer ThermaTru doors.

Here we share why ThermaTru doors are the best option for your home’s doors.

What are ThermaTru doors?

ThermaTru doors are made of high-quality fiberglass and have a polyurethane foam core,  making them highly energy-efficient. The fiberglass also gives them wood-like finance and steel-like strength without the problems that come with the wooden or steel doors, such as rusting, cracking, rotting, and splitting.

What are the benefits of using ThermaTru doors?

ThermaTru doors have various benefits over their counterparts. Some of them are: 

  • Energy efficiency: ThermaTru doors have a polyurethane foam core that provides insulation to your home. It helps maintain the temperature of your house in all conditions. In addition, it makes ThermaTru doors five times more energy-efficient than the traditional wooden doors.
  • Versatility: You can find ThermaTru doors for every use. Whether it is your main entrance patios, indoor rooms, or even washrooms, you can find doors that are made especially for each requirement. You can also find various designs that match different contemporary home designs.
  • Curb appeal: ThermaTru doors are made of fiberglass, but they have a wooden finish, which enhances the curb appeal of your home. You can also repaint your door and stain them to create unique styles and colors to match your home’s interior and exterior.
  • Security: ThermaTru doors are built with a homeowner’s safety in mind. They have a proprietary Tru-defense door system to maximize the seal of your doorframe to keep the elements out. You can also add various customized security features to the door, like innovative locking systems and forceful entry.
  • Durability: The fiberglass construction makes ThermaTru doors highly durable. They can resist extreme temperatures, moisture, and sunrays efficiently. They are also resistant to swelling, routine, and cracking easily. They are also as strong as steel doors; therefore, intruders cannot break easily. 

What should you consider before buying ThermaTru doors?

  • Slab or prehung

Slab doors are the traditional doors that you can attach to the hinges quickly fix to an existing jamb. On the other hand, a pre-hung door comes with a pre-built frame, threshold, and factory-installed lock and latch. In addition, you can trim the height of the door to meet your requirements.

  • Cost

The cost of ThermaTru doors can vary depending upon the type of door your pick and the customization you want. Therefore, consider your budget and look for options accordingly.

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