Signs and Causes of Roof Damage After Storm

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Signs and Causes of Roof Damage After Storm

Did a massive storm recently hit your property? Do you suspect that your roof has sustained storm damage? Hail and storm damage roofing and other exterior components of the property. Typical roof damage often goes unnoticed, causing it further harm. 

Insurance companies have a stipulated time before which they want damage claims filed. It varies between six months to two years. They would also like a qualified contractor to verify the damages to prevent unnecessary claims. Therefore, you mustn’t wait long to call a professional to inspect and repair your roof. 

Warning signs

Roofs can suffer damage in several ways. The extent of damage also depends on the roof’s age. Look out for the following signs. 

In shingle roofs: In the worst case, you will have missing or blown off shingles. If there was less damage, your roof shingles might be torn, curled, creased, broken, or show exposed nails. 

In flat roofs: You can see complete or partial blow off and shifted insulation in flat roofs. The top can also have a compromised attachment membrane, exposed fasteners, creased perimeter, or extensive leaking. 

Possible causes 

Roofs should withstand harsh weather conditions, but heavy storms can cause massive damage. You should schedule a roof inspection to be sure of the destruction’s extent. Also, make sure to contact your insurance provider to check if they cover roof damage claims. Listed below are a few prevalent causes of roof damage:


Strong winds are the leading cause of lost and deteriorated shingles. Winds also damage debris that leads shingles to come off, get punctured, and leave cracks for leakage. This type of harm isn’t immediately apparent. Hence, a thorough inspection by a professional is essential. 


Hail can pose a significant threat to your roof’s integrity, causing dings and holes. Visible signs of ruin include indented shingles, small round-shaped divots, and missing flashings. You also need to be wary if round spots start to show all over your roof. 


Water is your roof’s biggest enemy and has the power to destroy it over the years. Roofs damaged due to wind or storm suffer leaks, exposing themselves and gaining moisture. Eventually, your roof and vents start to rot, harming your property’s structural strength. 

Since leaks are challenging to locate and repair, it is crucial that you seek professional help, even when the signs aren’t obvious. You don’t want to reach a situation when replacement is the only solution left. We recommend that house owners call for a roof inspection at least twice a year, before fall and spring. 

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