Things to Consider Before You Redo Your Roof

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Things to Consider Before You Redo Your Roof

Even the strongest roof succumbs to time and elements like sunlight, rain, and snow, eventually forcing you to replace it. And it is better to do it quickly before it becomes dangerous for everyone living in your house. You may feel that hiring a contractor and finding the finances is the only thing you need to replace your roof. However, there are several things to consider when buying a new roof.

Here are essential factors to consider when redoing your roof.

Determine what you want

You need to consider what features you would want on your roof in terms of looks and functionality. Whether there is a particular feature you wish to add or something you disliked about your old roof, deciding that will determine the rest of your choices.

Choose the roofing material

You can choose several roofing materials for your home, including asbestos, clay tiles, metal roofing, slate shelling, and others. Every material has its unique properties that you need to research and consider before choosing one. You can read more about some of the most popular roofing materials here

Fix your budget

Cost is always a consideration when you plan to renovate your home or a part of your home. When replacing the roof, it is better to choose synthetic roofing materials as they last far longer than traditional materials like wood. Though they cost more, in the long term, they are cheaper as the maintenance for synthetic materials is lower. 

Layering or stripping

When thinking of a new roof, you need to decide what to do with the old one. If your roof isn’t damaged entirely, you can consider layering the damaged areas with new materials and doing some maintenance. However, if there are signs of severe damage like leak, rot, and damage from the storm, it is better to strip off the old material entirely. 

Types of warranties

Most roofs get a standard 20-year warranty from manufacturers. However, some roofing materials like slate and synthetic get over 50 years. Having a material with an extended warranty can increase the resale value of your home if you want to sell your home soon.

Choose the right contractor

Opting for DIY roof replacement may not be the best idea unless you are a professional roofing contractor yourself. It can be hazardous, and you may end up paying more if you make mistakes. Therefore, to get the job done, it is best to hire a professional roofing contractor. 

Ask for references from friends and family when choosing your contractor. You should also check online reviews and testimonials on Yelp and Google. Ask questions regarding the roofing process and only hire your contractor if you find the answers satisfactory.

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