The Top 3 Most Common Roof Repairs

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The Top 3 Most Common Roof Repairs

Your roof isn’t something you think about very often. In fact, you probably don’t think about it at all unless there is a problem. Then, when something doesn’t seem right, you don’t know much about it. Is what you’re experiencing or seeing normal, or is it a sign that something is majorly wrong? In order to help you, we put together a quick guide to the most common roof repair jobs we provide for Connecticut homeowners just like you.

Commonly-Needed Roof Repairs

Your roof protects your most valuable assets– your family. While a roof will last for many years to come, sometimes roofing repairs are still necessary. A massive storm can blow into town and cause catastrophic damage in an instant. The aging process also takes its toll. Below, we outline the most common roof repair projects we see in Connecticut and the surrounding areas:

#1 Roof Leaks

You don’t need to be a home improvement expert to know a leak when you see one! When you see water running down your walls, you know it’s a bad sign. Water inside the home is actually the last sign, though, not the first. This means you’ve needed a professional roof repair for quite some time. Roof leaks are fairly common and can occur due to storm damage, insufficient insulation, improper ventilation, ice dams, worn pipe boots, or poorly-done installations.

#2 Incorrect Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is crucial to the structural integrity of your home, yet too often overlooked. The flashing on your roof is made of weatherproof plastic, aluminum, or steel. It’s installed around your chimney in order to protect creases around the fixture. It directs water away from the most vulnerable areas of your roof. This helps to keep these areas sealed for leak prevention. If your roof’s flashing material breaks or cracks, the connections become vulnerable to water and moisture. If you notice any damaged flashing, call Christopher Home Improvement right away to get it repaired or replaced.

#3 Water Damage

You never want standing water on your roof. After a particularly severe rainstorm or snowstorm, standing water on your roof can lead to mold or mildew. Beyond this, if your roof has any small penetrations or weak areas, the excess water can seep through and cause a leak, plus additional structural damage. 

Trust Christopher Home Improvement for Your Needed Roof Repair

Now that you see the top three most common roof problems, you need to know what to do if you recognize any of them at your home. The next step is easy- call in the team of professional roofers at Christopher Home Improvement! While the items listed above are the most common roof repairs, they are far from the only projects we can handle. We will tell you the truth about your roof’s condition and we will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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