6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Siding Expert

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6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Siding Expert

Are you planning to replace your home’s siding and are looking to hire siding contractors in CT? Siding is a crucial part of your home’s aesthetics and insulation. Therefore, it is vital to find the right siding contractor who can do the job well. 

When selecting a service provider, you need to consider several factors such as licenses, service quality, warranty, online reviews, and customer satisfaction. Here we list six things you must keep in mind to make an informed choice.

Insurance and licensing

Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have insurance to cover their employee’s medical bills and other damages. A contractor with insurance will protect you against the various issues and accidents that may arise while installing or replacing your siding. If they are uninsured, you might have to bear the extra contingency costs.   

Also, ensure that the company is licensed. Every state has its licensing regulations that are mandatory for all contractors. It determines their competency and the projects they can take. 

Online reviews and work history

Look for contractors who specialize in the siding type you want to install in your home. Also, ensure that they are known for client satisfaction. 

Online reviews are an excellent way to gauge a contractor’s service quality. The reviews from their past clients will reveal a lot about how they managed time and handled potential conflict cases, which will also determine your project’s success.  

Estimated cost

Ask the contractor to estimate the project cost, which comprises labor, fees, and material cost. An estimate will give you a fair idea of the approximate expenditure. However, before you sign the contract, clarify what you will pay for and who will be responsible for surprise expenses. 

Get the estimates or quotes from at least three contractors, and don’t be lured by a lowball price. It’s good to find an affordable contractor, but too low a price, in most cases, is a red flag. 

Payment plan

Don’t ever pay 100% of your project’s estimated cost upfront. Your contractor might expect a down payment before starting the project; the amount will vary with each service provider. Inquire about the payment plan. You might have to pay either after completing each significant milestone or as a lump-sum after completion. 

Labor and material warranties

Warranty for labor and material goes a long way in determining the project’s longevity. Contractors should have product warranties to compensate for defective materials. The second warranty to look for is on the labor and installation. If a problem with siding occurs within the time mentioned in the warranty, the siding contractor will have to fix it for free. 

Contract details

Allowing a professional to begin a project without a contract in place is a recipe for disaster. An agreement should detail every job description, charges, and the person responsible for it. It should also mention workable solutions for potential conflicts and the project’s start and finish date, as agreed upon by both parties. You must sign the contract only after you have understood all the variables.

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