6 Things Consider When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

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6 Things Consider When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

If you notice gaping holes or damaged shingles in your roof after a hailstorm, you need to hire roofing repair contractors in Norwich, CT. But don’t bring home the first contractor you find.

Replacing or repairing a roof is expensive. Moreover, it’s your first line of defense against weather conditions and other external threats. Therefore, you need to exercise discretion and select an expert roofer who can do the job well. Here, we give you a low-down on the six factors you must consider when hiring a roofing contractor.


Identify a few experienced roofing contractors known for excellent customer service through online reviews and word-of-mouth references, and ask for quotes. Multiple quotes will give you a fair idea of the approximate roofing costs in your locality. Companies that charge more don’t always deliver quality service, so choose after considering their reputation and client feedback.

References and samples

Ask your roofing contractor to provide details of their past projects. According to a MineWhat.com report, 81% of consumers look online before making a purchase. So, make sure that you do your homework before you spend your hard-earned money on roofing replacement or repairs. You can also look for online reviews on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List for firsthand information on their service quality.

License and insurance

Roofing is a dangerous job. Therefore, select a roofing company with the right tools, materials, safety equipment, and trained employees to handle tricky repairs and replacements. They should also have insurance for their workers, which will take care of medical expenses in the unfortunate event of someone getting hurt during roof installation. Don’t work with contractors who can’t provide proof of their employees’ insurance.


The last thing you want to pay for is installation errors. Ask if the company offers a manufacturer and workmanship warranty. They cover defects in the roofing material and installation mistakes, respectively.


You don’t want an incorrect installation that needs repairs and something to follow through on. Many companies hire subcontractors or third-party independent contractors instead of sending their workers for the job. 

In case your roofing company sends independent contractors, check the warranty of the materials used, their quality, and insurance details. Your previous agreement might not be valid for independent contractors. Be wary of roofing companies that switch tactics on the installation day. 

Financing agreements

Choose the right roofing contractor after getting multiple quotations and asking about insurance details and past work. Get every clause of the contract in writing. If the contractor says that the actual price may vary, ask about the factors that may cause fluctuations and get that in writing. If you don’t clearly understand any part of the written agreement, discuss it with the contractor until you are entirely in the know. 

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