5 Little-Known Facts about Skylights

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5 Little-Known Facts about Skylights

A natural light source can dramatically transform the ambiance of your home. Installing a skylight on your roof is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your kitchen or living room. The right skylight can enliven any space, save energy,  and also increase your property’s resale value. 

As a functional and esthetic element of your home’s design, skylights can offer immense benefits. Here are five little-known facts about skylights:

Portals for sunlight since the Roman Empire 

Skylights were used as light-transmitting structures in ancient constructions. They are not a recent phenomenon and were widely popular in Roman Empire architecture. Open skylights can be seen in monuments like the oculus of the Pantheon, and closed/glazed skylights have been in use since the popularization of glass during the Industrial Revolution. Regardless of the period, all skylights embody the qualities of illumination, ventilation, and awe-inspiring architectural beauty. 

Waterproofing is important

Just like windows and doors, skylights are design elements that provide privacy and ventilation to homeowners. However, they also keep water from entering your home. You must waterproof them as they are directly exposed to the weather elements. Waterproofing also enhances insulation to help you save on energy bills. 

Roof lights vs. roof window vs. skylight

There are various glazing products that allow varying amounts and intensities of natural daylight into your home. They are available as skylights, roof lights, or roof windows.

Unlike roof windows, roof lights and skylights essentially refer to the same product. You can mount them on a curb for more installation options. However, you can only install roof windows in the same orientation as the surrounding roof, at a minimum of 15˚ pitch. Roof windows are more versatile, robust, reliable, and offer good value for money. 

Location matters

Apart from letting in natural light, skylights are also an excellent source of heat. They deliver varying amounts of light and heat at different times of the day and year, depending on the direction they are facing. You must determine the best orientation for your skylight to let in the right amount of heat in every season. 

North-facing skylights typically provide consistent illumination without absorbing or releasing too much heat. South-facing Skylights provide extra warmth in the winter, as well as in the summer. East-facing skylights provide the most light and heat in the morning, while skylights that are west-facing are most effective in the afternoon.

Provide ventilation

Skylights also provide ventilation. Roof windows or vented skylights are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms as they help release excess moisture from the air.  They are also excellent for letting out steam or hot air and help circulate fresh air in the room. 

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