Roofing Contractor Horror Stories: How to Ensure They Don’t Happen to You

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Roofing Contractor Horror Stories: How to Ensure They Don’t Happen to You

Usually, when you think of horror stories, creepy old mansions with dark dungeons shown in horror movies are the first thing that comes to mind. However, real-life horror stories are stranger and more traumatic than movies depict. They come as problems that can turn your life into a living hell. Roofing trouble because of poor contracting jobs is one such problem. And not having a strong roof means losing your first line of defense in your home against elements. 

Here are some roofing contractor horror stories you can avoid by taking proper precautions.

Improper roof attachments

Your roof is a complex structural element comprising many parts, such as shingles, decking, rafters, and beam. Every part needs to be installed correctly to ensure the structural integrity of your roof. Poor installation of any element can lead to sudden damage when heavy storms pressure your roof. 

Such complications occur when you hire contractors with no technical expertise or experience. Therefore, always check the background of the roofing company you are hiring to avoid such horrors. 

Your roofing contractor disappears suddenly

Think of a scenario where you have replaced your roof by spending a significant amount of money and time. For the first two years, everything was perfect. Then, suddenly one day, after heavy rain, you notice that your brand new roof is leaking in several places. Naturally, you would call the roofing company that installed your roof only to find out that it no longer exists. Think of the horror you would feel at that moment. 

To prevent such a horror story, always check how long the company has been running, how good their past track record is, and what products they use before hiring them. 

Bad repair job

When your roof ages, you need regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts for more extended periods. However, some roofing companies make matters worse by doing a shoddy repair job. Such companies don’t inspect before agreeing to take your repair jobs and only fix the apparent problems. A professional roofing company will inspect your roof, look for any underlying issues when they do your roof repairs, and give you suggestions if you need replacement.

Dishonest roofing companies 

Imagine having a new roof installed a few years back. Various issues are showing up, including leaks, rot, and mold. You would call your roofing company in this scenario, but if they straight out refuse to do anything to help you stating that warranties are over, you should smell foul play. Especially since most roofing materials stay put for at least 10 to 15 years. Professional roofing companies give a full warranty for their work and would never refuse to help you in such situations.

To protect yourself from such fraudulent companies, always ask for licenses and warranties on products before hiring them. 

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